No matter your economic or situational status, there are ways you can get involved to help us make a difference in mental health care. From holding a fundraiser, engaging with us on social media to volunteering, there is something for everyone.

Together, let’s raise awareness, break down barriers, and build a brighter future for mental health!


Having experienced severe depression and anxiety, I would likely not be here without your support. I understand how dark the darkness gets. The depth of despair goes well beyond where light can reach and it feels like there’s no way out. I started thinking about ending my life.

The incredible professionals at Humber River knew how to save me. I got to better understand what was happening to my brain and my body, and how I could take control of it again. Because of the community, classes, medication, and therapy, I slowly, slowly got better. The mental health programs at Humber River provided a lifeline that reached beyond those seemingly unreachable depths of despair and helped me find a way out.

- Edmund Li

My struggle with depression started when I was younger. I was bullied because kids are mean. I look different than other people, and I guess I just seemed like an easy target. I entered high school and it was a really big shift of environment. That’s where I felt the most ashamed of how I was feeling. It got worse and worse every year. I really hated myself during those days. I just thought to myself: I would just rather die.

The day I checked in was on my birthday. I was thinking I either try to get help or end it. When I said that I was feeling suicidal, in a way it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. It was hard, I hated my decision to get help because to me it was a reminder that you’re weak. Now I can look back and say: that was one of the bravest and smartest things I did. I felt like a normal human being. They really interacted with you, not like you’re a patient, but just that you’re a person that they cared about.

- Joanne Vuong

Hats On For Awareness has really helped us expand our program with the growing need of our community. Mental health has really become the forefront of what our community needs, and without our donors we wouldn’t be able to expand the way we have.

Rega Chang is a Master of Social Work at Humber River Health and she helps provide a wide range of interventions and support to patients and families across all programs in the hospital.

- Rega Chang

How to

Your support will not only showcase your commitment to the community, but also to help us continue our mission of creating meaningful conversations, supporting local programs and initiatives that will make a positive difference.

Join forces with us to create real change in the lives of those struggling with mental health.

• Sponsorship Volunteers

As a volunteer on this committee, your role would be assisting with securing and maintaining sponsorships. Some of your tasks would include developing a fundraising plan, writing grant proposals, ensuring funds are raised and distributed to the proper organizations, and maintain relationships with donors.

• Fundraising Volunteers

A fundraising volunteer is responsible for planning and coordinating strategies to raise funds. The committee brainstorms different ideas to come up with new funding to meet the organization’s goals. Some of the tasks in this role include monitoring the progress of fundraising drives, developing strategies for new funds, and building relationships with donors.

• Governance Volunteers

Do you have passion for organization and long-term business planning? The Governance Committee monitors governance structure; establishes policies and monitors their implementation; oversees reputational risks; board and volunteer recruitment and succession; all with the goal of leading the organization toward prosperity and sustainability.

Finance Volunteers 

Do you love numbers? Then our Finance Committee is for you! This committee ensures the organization is operating with the financial resources it needs to provide programs and services to the communities which contribute to Hats On For Awareness achieving its mission. 

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